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After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013, I ran a series of interactive live arts and music events, showcasing London's emerging creatives.


The events evolved into a 24-hour festival, celebrating live art, music, theatre and escapism: Aespia. In 2018 we won the New Festival on the Block award at the Association of Independent Festivals.


Through Aespia, I have run areas, stages and workshops within other festivals, such as Bestival, Camp Bestival, Meadows in the Mountains, Noisily and Latitude.


Most recently, I've produced Aespia day festivals at London venues, such as Grow Tottenham and Stour Space, which invite people to submerge themselves in 12 hours of live art, music, theatre and escapism, with an after-party until the sun rises, showcasing

Aespia's DJs and performers.


Between producing festivals and events, I teach workshops that focus on encouraging and evoking creativity, connection and communication.

I host these workshops in a variety of settings (festivals, parties, retreats, schools, homes) and to a range of ages (from toddlers to people in retirement).


I apply my love of fine art and illustration into design work, and build bespoke websites and a variety of graphic artworks.


I build websites from a blank canvas, and create bespoke buttons, animations, illustrations and videos.


Check out my design work here...        


I paint, illustrate, perform and choreograph live art, and build installations.

From selling small prints at markets to building entire immersive worlds within festivals or venues, I spend my time dreaming up creative magic, then making it a reality.

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