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Please do not not touch is redefining the art gallery experience. Rules are being broken to introduce a fresh, exciting take on what should be expected of art and exhibitions. Expect a fun, less exclusive, less intimidating atmosphere, where spectators become participants, and participants become artists.


Please do not not touch events feature physically interactive and wholly engaging artwork. There are no ‘Please do not touch’ signs or roped off areas: spectators are encouraged to touch, smell, climb inside and take photos of the works, and to leave their own creative trace, should they wish to. 


Artists will be present and willing to chat to participants about their piece, collaborating with them throughout the event.


The informal, festival atmosphere is enhanced by live music from emerging talent, and uniquely decorated chill out areas to relax and enjoy a drink between installations. 


Our goals are:


>> To make art more accessible and more appealing to a much wider audience;

>> To celebrate how fun and liberating art can be;

>> To redefine the art gallery experience;

>> To encourage people to be creative and release their inner artist;

>> To popularise art by developing it into ‘something for everyone’ through interactive events.


For more information on Please do not not touch and its interactive events, please visit the website:

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