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I make live participatory art, which celebrates collaboration and physical interaction. I host events - which are predominantly installation based with performance aspects - where I invite spectators to become participants by getting involved in the work.


I aim to create an inclusive, engaging, immersive environment where spectators are actively encouraged to adapt and enjoy the accumulative work, and leave feeling they have contributed something creative and valuable.


The concept stems from an ever-growing dissatisfaction with the common gallery experience, which I believe to be restrictive and dated. ‘Please do not touch’ signs, rope barriers and gallery invigilators intrude and regulate our involvement. This prohibits us from engaging in the artwork in ways that feel most natural to us, which can lead to a sense of detachment and exclusion. The descriptions that often support exhibits are usually written in a challenging and complex way, making it difficult for spectators to relate to the artists and their work. Consequently, the current gallery experience is exclusive and only appeals to a small group of people.


My work attempts to reinvent the way people engage with art by introducing a new, exciting platform for artists and participants. My company Please do not not touch aims to make art more accessible, and more appealing, to a much wider audience.


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